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Temecula FC Youth Development Plan Goals * Develop fundamental soccer skills in young players * Foster a love for the game of soccer * Create a positive and fun learning environment * Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship * Prepare players for higher levels of competition Age Groups * U6-U8: Introduction to soccer, basic skills development * U9-U12: Skill development, introduction to tactical concepts * U13-U15: Tactical development, introduction to more advanced skills * U16-U18: Advanced tactical development, preparation for higher levels of competition Training Sessions * 1-2 sessions per week for younger age groups, 2-3 sessions per week for older age groups * Sessions are focused on skill development, with a mix of individual and team drills * We incorporate small-sided games to encourage teamwork and tactical understanding

*We end most sessions with a scrimmage to apply skills and tactics in a game-like setting Coaching Staff * Our coaches are knowledgeable about soccer and have experience working with youth players * Our coaches are positive, encouraging, and able to provide constructive feedback * We provide opportunities for coaching education and development in the USA, Europe and South America to improve coaching quality Player Evaluation * Regular evaluations to track progress and identify areas for improvement * We provide feedback to players and parents to encourage continued growth and development * We use evaluations to make decisions about team placement and playing time Game Play * We encourage equal playing time for all players, especially at younger age groups * We focus on player development and learning, rather than winning at all costs * We encourage sportsmanship and respect for opponents, officials, and teammates We hope this helps you understand Temecula FCs youth development plan.



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